Visioneering Wichita is about achieving far-reaching, but attainable goals to make the region an excellent place to live. That vision and the goals were developed through a process that involved thousands of citizens.

To provide citizens, public and private organizations with the opportunity to adopt shared values, benchmarks, vision and strategies to use in developing our future.
To facilitate communications within the community so that reality and perceptions are in alignment.
To create a strategic plan to ensure a quality of life that encourages our young people to live, learn, work and play in our regional community.

Visioneering Wichita began in June 2004 and has moved through several phases all designed to get input from citizens. Activities the first year included:
Selected a demographically diverse 50-person Steering Committee from our Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) which covers Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler and Sumner counties.
Held 30 focus groups were conducted followed by 8 community meetings in August designed to gain insight and provide citizen inputs into the Wichita MSA’s perceived strengths and weaknesses.
Download Focus Group Notes as PDF
52 breakout sessions identified 2,844 unique issues. These issues were summarized and ranked by the groups resulting in 10 top priority strategies for consideration by the Vision Task Forces.
Meeting Notes
Created four Vision Task Forces with 442 community citizens to represent the diverse demographic region. The task forces met in September 2004 and distilled Focus Group and Community Meeting issues into the draft Visioneering Wichita document.
Task Force Notes
Collaboration resulted in a shared vision of what Wichita MSA citizens desire their community be in the next 5 to 20 years. The Vision details strategic priorities and strategies in six foundation areas – Economic Development, Education, Quality of Life, Infrastructure, Government and Private Sector Leadership.
Presented the draft vision document to more than 7,300 citizens for their review and feedback in the fall of 2004. Citizen input resulted in 1,125 issues and comments. Additional community meetings were conducted in November for a final opportunity to review and provide comments on the draft document.
Public Comment
The Steering Committee then reviewed the comments and revised the draft Vision to reflect citizen input. The final Vision was adopted on December 6, 2004.
Steering Committee Roster

Economic Development Foundation
Education Foundation
Government Foundation
Infrastructure Foundation
Private Sector Leadership Foundation
Quality of Life Foundation
Full Vision Document with Strategies

Yes, it’s up to you. Visioneering Wichita has united citizens, public and private entities in a unified course of action and focus for our Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area growth and improvement. It is a plan that encompasses every citizen and works to ensure a higher quality of life for all.

Citizens of the Wichita regional area
Citizen involvement through many avenues, including the Steering Committee, Focus Group Interviews, Vision Task Forces, Public Presentations, Web Input, Community Meetings, Media Participation, and Vision Partner Endorsements and Strategic Alliances
This is a regional community citizen based strategic plan – no one organization or governmental entity will own it. Our area citizens own it.