Task Force members first developed Key Benchmarks. They then selected strategies to achieve the Key Benchmarks. Key Benchmarks will be the driving force during the 10 to 20 year process and will be used to measure VISIONEERING WICHITA's progress each year. Achieving the Benchmarks will require working together in an unprecedented way to implement strategies in the six interdependent Foundations: Economic Development, Education, Quality of Life, Government, Infrastructure and Private Sector Leadership. Key Benchmarks will tell us each year when we are successful and can celebrate or when we fall short. If we fall short of the Key Benchmarks the Vision Partners will review, revise and refocus their action steps to accomplish the strategies.

Exceed the highest of the annual percentage job growth rate of the U.S., Omaha, Tulsa, Kansas City and Oklahoma City.
Stop the 21-year decline of Wichita per capita income as a percentage of U.S. per capita income before 2011. By 2024 exceed the annual average of Omaha, Tulsa, Kansas City and Oklahoma City.
SKILLS TRAINING AND LIFELONG EDUCATION: Provide technical education to ensure a skilled workforce and competitive skills training for companies adding or relocating jobs. The measurement will be meeting Key Benchmarks for job growth and per capita income.

POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION: Increase the number of post-secondary students 3% per year. Increase percentage of post-secondary education research dollars. The measurement of annual change will be determined during implementation.

PRE K-12 EDUCATION: All schools and districts meet the Kansas Adequate Yearly Progress Plan (AYP) each year.
The four counties in the Wichita MSA will be below the Kansas average by 2024 in percentage of marriage dissolutions (annulments & divorces) and percentage of live births born out of wedlock.
Invest $144 million annually in total private and public funds.
The Wichita MSA will be in the upper one-fourth of Cities Ranked and Rated Arts and Recreation score by 2014.
In all six foundations and strategies of VISIONEERING WICHITA, we will be committed to racial diversity, opportunity and harmony for everyone.

ATTITUDE SURVEY: Conduct a regular scientific attitude survey to measure changes in perceptions about racial diversity, opportunity and harmony. The survey will establish indices that measure diversity, opportunity and harmony in social interaction, jobs, education, healthcare and leadership (after the initial survey in 2005, expected annual increments of improvement in the indices will be established.)

INCOME GAP: Be above the U.S. per capita income for each minority group by 2010 and by 2020 eliminate one-half of each minority per capita income gap.
Public and Private Sector leadership will be measured by success in meeting the other key benchmarks.